Riverside Fields

This landscape features a heavy, textured paint application. It is based on plein air studies done in various locations.

This painting was inspired by a couple of things - a blog post by the artist Anne Kullaf that I'd read some years ago, and the work of Philadelphia artist Mashiul Chowdhury.

I wanted to make the painting about the paint: using thick paint, scraping off and textures. Above all, the idea was to get myself out of my comfort zone.

An old painting served as the support. I sanded and wiped it down then went to work straight on top of the old surface. As well as adding texture, this let me scrape back the new paint in some places. For example, I used it in the trees to suggest branches.

It's easiest to see the effect of this approach in the sky. Usually I render this area with thin paint to make it look light and airy. With thick paint the same space is made to look heavy and sultry.

This painting will be on display, and available for sale, at the 2018 CVG Show in Bremerton, WA. Jan 20 - Feb 24, 2018.


Oil on linen, mounted on a panel
Canvas Size: